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Thread: make flash smaller

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    flash-movie is too high and wide

    hey everyone, i have just a tiny little question! I made a flash-movie, now I've noticed that the movie is way too high and wide (or just to say:it is too big).
    I kno that you can change the size but if you do so flash is just adjusting the bottom and the left side/border! So is there a possibility to shrink the flash from every side?
    that my animations are still in the middle of the movie?
    THANX A LOT for your help
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    No, there isn't. But after you shrink the movie, and your animations are no longer centred, you can select them (you'll probably want to edit multiple frames, and make sure all layers are unlocked) and use the Align function to re-centre them.

    Press Ctrl-K to bring up the Align panel. Press the "To Stage" button on the right of it, then use the centring buttons under "Align" to do the work for you.

    Hope this helps.

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    If your flash movie is being used in an html document, you could also go into the document and change the width and height attributes of the movie. However, make sure you keep the proper proportions, or your movie will look stretched.

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