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Thread: Win2k: Flash freezes on preview.. any ideas?

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    I've been getting a nasty freeze every so often when previewing my flash files (w/ctrl+enter). It only seems to happen with larger files.

    What happens is, with no other apps running, occasionally the player seems to take over my CPU after about 1 minute of use (CPU begins running constantly 99-100%, of which flash is responible for 93-97%). There are no actionscript errors. Flash itself and html preview seem stable, but I need a grand view of the stage to troubleshoot a lot of stuff.

    Has anyone encountered similar problems? Any ideas? Thanks.

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    That's news to me. I use Win2K and, though I've occasionally had crashes when testing a big movie, they've always happened when I had other apps running, and when I was trying to do something weird with one of them at the same time.

    Maybe you've got a Process running that's creating a conflict. Try booting in Safe Mode, then open Flash and try to reproduce the crash. If there's no crash, you'll know that there's a conflict with something that only runs in Normal Mode. If that's the case, try removing items from your System Tray one at a time.

    Not much of a help, but something to chew on, anyway.

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