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Thread: pop up window. (mega probs!!!!!!!!)

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    ok i am not able to get around this at all!!!!!
    i have a swf file being played and i want to have abutton in it which on clicked opens a window with absolutel no toolbars etc...so i did this

    added to the button properties:
    get url "javascriptpenIT()"

    now my question is must it be a expression or string literal??????? damn i saw in a tutorial it was something like this:
    get url("javascriptpenthedamnwindow()");

    now how cud i possibly get a semicolon ??? pls suggest....

    and then in the html page of the site i go and add the following code of JS
    :<Script Language ="JavaScript">

    function openNewWin()
    window.open("security and

    protection_.swf","Test","toolbar=no,location=no,di rectories=no,status=no,menubar=no,resizabl


    is this right???? must i have a .hmtl instead of .swf in the name of the file....

    please suggest..............i have been going crazy over this silly thing!!!!!!! and this is delaying a lot of things!!!
    pls help!


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    i am using the same function name......both in the actionscript and the html page...so there is an erroe else where....pls suggest.

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    Yes, you do need to link an HTML file rather than a SWF. Also, your Javascript in your Flash button needs to link to the OpenNewWin instead of OpenIT or Openthedamnwindow although anything would work as long as you are consistent. But I'm sure you were just kidding.

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    hello thank you fro replying,
    can you also tell me if the actio that i assign to the button must be an expression or a string literal?get url

    is the above right?if so how in flash 4 can i get it done?

    or must it be in a different way...pls suggest!!!
    it is just not working pls help.....

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