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Thread: I only want button instance on hit state

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    Hi all
    I'm trying to script to create the effect of dragging a movie clip with mouse rollover action. To do this, the button cannot be visible when playing the movie. When I delete the button on Up state in symbol editing mode, it deletes it from the movie's library. ??????? I can't figure this one out, and so far haven't found any tutorials that cover buttons in this much detail. hurrumph.

    Cheers for any suggestions

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    drag actions can only be performed on movie clips, so put your button inside the movie clip that you want to drag and then give the button the following action to make it drag:

    on(press) {
    startDrag("/") {
    // some code can go here

    if you wanted it to drag on rollover, just change the 'press' to rollover, but then i can't see how you would ever get it to 'let go' of the button since it would follow your mouse and you would be stuck in a rollover state :-)

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    Don't delete it.
    Make it transparent

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    You guys are making this way to complicated.

    You can draw only in the hit frame of the button. This defines the area recognized by the cursor, as the button. Leave the up, over, and down frames blank. You now have an 'invisible' button. Flash will show this in the FLA as a turquoise area the shape of what you drew on the hit frame, so you can work with it, but it will not render.

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