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Thread: GetUrl vs Load Variables

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    After reading flash's documentation on the subject I am not better off. In html I would type (a href=?test=works) when clicked it would refresh the page but add the ?test=works part at the end. Simple.

    I try to repete the process in flash,
    geturl ("?test=works")
    //refreshes the page but no ?test=works in the url
    //I try
    load variables ("?test=works")

    What method should be used? And how should it be used?
    I need to understand this basic element so I can expand upon it. Thanks

    (whats the deal with load variables and load variblesnum? does num deal only with number?)

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    use the getUrl action. In the "variables" parameter at the bottom, choose "send using GET"

    This will send every variable in that timeline as querystrings in your url. I've never tried it without a page name, but I guess it would work --

    getUrl ("","GET");

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