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Thread: TJKO r u out there?

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    help me please. We talked a few weeks back about the motown scroller- it works great but one thing. the bottom scroller works fine but when I use links at the top they do not scroll all the way to the end of their screen. the first is out by about 30pixels and the next one is short by 60 and so on.

    on designing this fla did you have a similar problem and could you point me to the reason

    cheers for your time


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    your in luck, a friend of mine directed me to your thread or i would have never seen it.

    i did have a similar problem, and spent a while pissing around with it trying to sort it out.

    the reasoning is a freak value which i have since fixed (as i said when i posted it it was still under construction)

    i can't actually rember the code off hand but i could sort you out a more upto date version for you to play with. then if you've still got problems i'll give you a few pointers

    just don't let it look like this


    not nice to see no attempt at changing it, otherwise how will we progress

    oh, by the way, i presume your from liverpool in which case i would love it if LFC could lose this coming weekend allowing Leeds back into the champions league. i wish them all the best this evening though

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