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Thread: Opening PPS with Flash

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    I am working on making a presenation CD for someone. I was given four powerpoint presenations with sound recorded in it. I have to make this presenation in Flash and so it will be a Projector (.exe) file.

    After the intro movie and all we will go to a frame with four buttons each leading to a different pps file. What do i need to do so that these pps file do not open up in a browser, if I do get URL they will open up in the default browser. The files already being a slide show I dont want them to open in a browser.

    Can anyone help me out??


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    You need a third party tool to do this. Flash tools will do this, SWF Studio can do this, You can write your own Bat file to do this, or you can use one of the many other 3'rd party tools to acomplish this.

    Flash Tools is free and realtivly easy to use while SWF Studio ( http://www.northcode.com ) is probably your best buy for a third party projector tool (Since it is easier to use, provids you with the most functionality, is well supported, is priced about the same as the other projector tools, and can create screensavers also) if you are going to purchase one. Many people will swear by their favorite Projectopr tool though (Jugglor, Swiff Canvas, Projector Launcher, ETC).

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