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Thread: duplicateMovieClip - newbie question

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    I'm working on a little prog with a draggable trailing thing:

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    if (themouseDown == "TRUE") {
    newMOV = "drag"+i;
    oldX = _root.drag._x;
    =====>>duplicateMovieClip ("BLUE", newmov+i, i);
    setProperty (newmov, _x, oldX);

    For example, this bit of code is attached to a movieclip instance called RED.
    If my target for duplicatemovieclip is an instance other than red, it doesn't trail. If I put "RED" or "FOO" or _any_ text into the target name, it trails.
    a) why?
    b) can I get RED to trail (make duplicates of) BLUE or can an instance only make duplicates of itself?

    thanks to all

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    You would need to specify the path to the other movieclip. You cant just say "BLUE"

    For instance if red and blue are both movie clips on your maintimeline (_root in flash actionscript) then for the code on red to duplicate blue you need to tell red the path to find blue which would be _root.BLUE.

    duplicateMovieClip ("_root.BLUE", newmov+i, i);

    I didnt really check the rest of your code.

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