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Thread: how do i put a movie on the web?

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    yeah, stork , dreamjack, trakker and i made this "faubion farewell" movie. our junior high is called faubion and its the little graduation ceremony. we took clips from all over the year and put them 2 gether using adobe premiere 5.5. now the system were using 2 play it does not need it exported and were doing this 2 save space. its like 8 minutes long but its a HUGE file, we had 2 gigs open and it ran out of space pretty early. what do i do if i wanted 2 post this on the web? would it be possible? i know msn has a bunch of news u can watch online and stuff but im not sure how 2 do this cause ive nvr attempted it b 4 . i dont have the space but the school will host it if i find a way 2 do it. will it work 2 play on the internet or do i have 2 just let the person dload it? could u clue me in , thx from all of us.

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    You basically got 3 main choices;
    A Quicktime movie - See Apple's website under Quicktime for info about streaming or embedding Quicktime movies.
    A Real Media File - Which I recommend
    You'll want to go to RealNetworks.com and find your free copy of RealProducer and the Real Production kit:
    A Windows Media file - Which I don't recommend
    but you can get the Windows Media Kit from Microsoft
    To do streaming with RealMedia files you will need to create a .ram file (no biggie, just read the documentation) RealProducer should bring your 2 gig file size way down as well, just choose a smaller bandwidth, such as 56 or 28.8

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    CapTy99.com Webmaster
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    thx, ill be playing around w/ it on monday.

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    2 gigs?? damn..i think u messed up on it somewhere dude..u can view full lenth movies at like dvd quality and dl them and they are nomally like 300mb..2 gigs??.hah fukkkk...anyways..u could always host it on your own pc if u had cable or dsl..just set up a ftp

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