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Thread: Please help me with 'hot spot'

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    Ok to try and make this less complicated for anyone that would be kind enough to help me I thought I would solve one thing at a time I am totally new at this so um sorry for being so thick

    I have an image you can see it at http://home.iprimus.com.au/cheetah7/_/plate.htm the image has been sliced (hope this wont be a problem for what i want to do!) and I want to have a mouse over effect on the paws so that when you mse over flash will fill up the centre of the image with text.

    1. Which is the best way to import this image into flash using just one of the slices with the paws on it or the image in its complete form?
    2. I have made the button for the paw (which is invisible) but I do not know how to place it on the image? I am assuming I need to select the area on the image and drag the button from the library to that area? if this is right how do i select just the paw area on the image? or will it just make the hotspot where i drag it too?

    thanks if anyone can help me I really appreciate it


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    Sounds like you're on the right track.
    You basically answered all your own questions.
    Just open up one of your "slices" in flash, set the background size to the same dimensions as your image, create a new layer and position your invisible button right over the paw area. Now save it as an .swf file and use that instead of the gif. Now how to make the one swf control the other in another frame? I believe moock.org has a tutorial which covers that. If not you might want to try polar-lights.com.
    You are right tho, it would have been easier if you hadn't sliced it all up. Oh well. Ask a tough question, get a tough answer.

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    who to size invisible button?

    Hi thenewrules

    Thanks for your advice!

    I do still have the image unsliced so if I used that and apply the invisible button to that how do I size the button? when I make the button it seems to me its the size of the image/movie? (bashing head here, I was warned flash was difficult!) lol i have been doing this all day so far and still have not got anywhere!

    please dont give up trying to help me or anyone out there help me pleeease


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    OMG!!! I did it!! lol dont ask me how, but i did!

    every time i clicked in the hit square and drew a square it kept putting the square in the up frame too so i had a horrible black box on the image so in temper i just clicked and dragged in the time frame the box from the up frame over to the hit frame and um some how i guess that worked!

    ok i will be back probably in about 10 minutes with the next problem!

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    I didn't realize you could have only a hit state, but as long as that works..
    I thought you would just have to make the button transparent using the alpha channel, which requires a hit state as well.
    Your way sounds better.
    Re: How to resize a button
    just paint it the correct size in the first place.

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    Yes RanTen gave me instructions how to do that

    now i have a piece of code that he very kindly gave me, to tell the browser on mse over to play the movie clip for the text. My problem is that I have no idea where this code is put? I have checked out the html code for the swf file and it makes no mention of the hotspots in there so I am stuck again

    any suggestions?

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    Smile yayyyy!!!!

    thank you thank you no more help needed for this one I finally worked it out ))

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