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Thread: Can someone help me?

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    i know good html but i have forgotten it.
    I dont really know how to say to a page written in html to load an html file in a frame. I have a page divided in four frames and i want to tell the center frame to load index.html for example. How can i do this in flash??
    i have made a menu bar on the left, where each of its buttons load a different html file on the center frame.
    can you help? i know it is simple, but i cant seem to remember.....

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    To make a URL open in a specific frame
    first you must assign a name to the frame you want to link to, like this:

    <frame src="body.html" name="main">

    Then in Flash, assign the same name ( window="main" )
    you could name the window "Reginald" if you want, that's up to you.
    I have a FAQ tutorial which deals with using Flash and frames here:
    you'll find the tutorial link near the bottom of the page, or download the whole thing from the link near the bottom of the nav menu.
    Good luck dude

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