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Thread: if .. then --- quote help???

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    im kinda in a rush to get this done . I've been working on this script for days. Ive been able to read and rearrange cookie and import the variables into flash .... I got a real simple question .... I have an if statement at the beginning of my movie.

    If (cookie_variable = "false")
    Go to and Play (Scene 1, 225)
    Else If (cookie_variable = "true")
    Go to and Play (2)
    End If

    is the way I'm quoting correct?


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    The only problem is that you are using numeric operators where you should be using string operators...so basically use this:

    If (cookie_variable eq "false")
    Go to and Play (Scene 1, 225)
    Else If (cookie_variable eq "true")
    Go to and Play (2)
    End If

    I think that should make it work...hope it helps.

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