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Thread: icons and style. how is it done.?

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    this seems to be really commmon now but im wanting to know if anyone mknow where such resources can be found, ie icons etc.
    see: http://www.hookares.com/

    see the buttons? where can i get such icon?
    also the text used in the text balloons? what font and how it is so crisp. when i do such small text in phtoshop 6 it gets blurry?

    Please suggest.

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    The reason the text is so crisp is two things -
    1. In photoshop you probably have some of the text anti-aliasing filters on, switch them to none.
    2. Choose a typeface specifically designed for being small. Adobe itself has 2, and should be somewhere on the photoshop CD, or goodies, they're called Photoshop Large, and small. Theyre used in the pallette titles. Also there's one called ADMUI35m which may be with Photoshop. You can also get a range of 'pixel' fonts @ http://********fonts.com

    As to the icons, well I think you're gonna have to get down and dirty in photoshop yourself, pixel by pixel. I guess there's no getting around it.

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