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Thread: Flash, dhtml layers and Mac IE5

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    1st posting here - b gentle!

    OK, I've been trying to hide a Flash movie under a dHTML layer and use a show/hide function to show it when necessary. Usually, however, no matter what, the Flash movie always appears on top of the layers.

    I found that by setting the WMode in the html embed code to transparent, I could get around this, but only on IE for PCs, not for the Mac!!!

    Can anyone suggest any ideas for hiding flash behind dHTML layers on a Mac?



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    Because of the way Flash is embedded into an HTML page using the OBJECT and EMBED tags, it seems appears above all other content in the page - even layers.

    Don't know if it is possible to fix this - have not found a solution yet...

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    Hi jwjs,

    I just tried out some things and found out the following interesting behaviour:

    When I put my SWF with the complete "object/embed" code into a layer I can hide it on IE5 on Mac, but not on Navigator.
    For example:
    div id="myLayer"
    object blablabla embed blablabla
    /object /div
    The style for the layer is for example
    #myLayer { position: absolute; z-index: 0; top: 204px; left: 498px; width: 118px; height: 118px; visibility: hidden }

    It can only be hidden when there is nothing rendered in the SWF (no animation in the SWF).
    When there is an animation it shows only the rendered area of the SWF.
    When the html is loaded the layer with its SWF flashes, but then disappears.

    Maybe, if you make a SWF with no animation on the first frame, and if you write a javascript that makes the layer visible and tells the SWF to play ahead...

    ... but don´t ask me how

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    additional Mac IE 5 problem

    I have a project where the page is divide into frames, a top frame (where one SWF located), below that is 2 frames, left frame with a sWF menu to control the right frame (where the content HTML located). The 2 SWF is communcating using Javascript FS command sending variables which works fine, the problem is when the I click on refresh, scroll bar will appear next to the frames, but I have set the scroll to none in the HTML. I'm not an expert in HTML (just enough to do simple frames tables), wonder if anyone here experience this problem before. Any advice will be greatly appreaciated, thanks!


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