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Thread: QUIZ SCORE goes on increasing

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    I have made a quiz where for the scoring, I have given a texfield a variable(score) and there r four buttons for answers on the right one I have given the script

    set variable

    but the problem is that if the user clicks that button twice or thrice the score also increases with every click.
    How do I stop this

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    One way to accomplish this would be to put your button in an MC with two frames, one frame has the active button and the other has a dud.

    1) Frame1:

    Place your button and add the script:

    on (release) {
    score = score+10;
    gotoAndStop (2);

    2) Frame 2: Place another instance of your button here but without any script.

    When the user clicks on the button the button MC will go to frame 2 where a dud button is, if the user tries to press this button again it wont work as theres no script on it.

    Hope this helps.

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