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Thread: 3D cube rotating in a flash page

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    Ive got a javascript of a 3D cube that rotates towards to the mouse but I dont know to insert this script in a flash page. I want to have the 3D cube (with pictures in all sides) moving in any direction (up-down, left-right). Can any one help me?

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    Im not quite sure exactly what you mean here, but this sounds to me like the java cube on the Intel site where it is possible to insert your own pictures to the faces of the cube. This cube then rotates to follow the mouse round.
    Unfortunately this cube is programmed using java, not JavaScript. So is, as far as I know, totally incompatible with Flash. I believe JavaScript is also incompatible with Flash 4. By incompatible I mean that the programming languages are not used in the flash environment. As a result I dont think it would be possible to do what you are suggesting in Flash.
    Even in Flash 5 I have not yet seen any 3d rotating cube with each face having a different photo or graphic. So I am not sure that you could do this in Flash 4.
    Al I can think of right now it to create the cube with images in a 3D program then export it as an swf file import into flash and add the scripting required to control the rotation direction of the cube. However this would result in large file sizes, and probably be inappropriate.

    Hope this helps, if not, never mind. Good luck

    Oh just another though, if it does have to be in flash, the when you want people to see these pictures on the rotating cube, have a link on your flash site to a small pop up window with the java cube in it. All though this is not ideal.

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