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Thread: this may just be impossible!!

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    This may not be possible but the challenge is fun!!
    I came up with a floating pallette movie that uses the duplicate mc command, that gives an incrimenting ******* as a new name and level each time, so that each time you click on a pallette it jumps to the top.

    The problem comes when I have a "something" on a pallette that uses alot of actionscript, which is always reffering to the base layer. (so all the paths will need to go through the incrimenting variable.

    I have tried to concatenate the path so that as the integer changes, the path changes, but this has not worked so far.

    The objects I load in are work I have done in the past, and I dont want to change them too much, so I am using the load movie into location command to put them on the pallettes.
    Is there a way of making a loaded movie refer to it's own main timeline, or will it always go to it's parents timeline?

    MMMMM does any of this make sence!!!!!

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    what about putting a copy of the script in that movieclips timeline.

    or possibly you could use the tell target and declare the duplicates instance name, while also specifying the layer number that that duplicate movie is on,,, maybe... i think :<

    just an idea.

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    mc paths

    the main problem is that the script that run an annimation deep inside the movie, is looping all the time, and as this script is dependant on having the correct path, (which keeps changing) I can't give it (unles I could create it like -- "/"& mcname &"/load/star" --??).

    Is there a way of only going up a few levels like in HTML where you would use the ../../ etc? instead of going to the root all the time with /: ?

    Thanks for your help

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    the ../ should take it up a level, i think you have the right way with combining the "../"&mcname for a target expression, ill have a go at a couple of things when i get home from work later, and ill get back to ya.


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