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Thread: A problem in Mad-Scis great guide

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    Hello everybody whos reading this....

    Im a quite a newbie on Flash 5 so if I would gotten any more experience about Flash 5 I would maybe take my problem by myself but theres nothing I can do.....yet...

    Theres a problem for me with the platforms in the great tut... Ive downloaded your zip but when the ball stand on any of my platforms that Ive copied from your zip the ball begin to shake up and down on the platform.....(well,I can still play the game but how funny is it when the ball just jumps up and down on the platform?).
    Is there any code for me??????

    Thanks alot.......If you doesent understand my problem you can write me to explain better....Thanks again...........


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    Yo. Dagger

    I have not seen the .fla Mad posted. I might be able to help you out if you or Mad can direct me to it, so I can see what is wrong? My guess is that the collision detection (hit test) moves the MC to far up, it then falls back down and this is what is making the jittering effect? Well that is only a guess?

    Wow, Mad-Sci you have become something of a hero in my absence! Congratulations Mad!

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    Howdy do????

    Hello again.....Well,I dont really know if its fair to put in the zip in my post..... but here it is http://savco.virtualave.net/plat.zip

    just remeber everybody THIS IS MAD-SCIS WORK AND NOT MY....
    you can also find at the third page on mads tut....

    If you think Im doing wrong to put the zip here,Mad,just tell me and Il kick it out through the window


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    No problem with the zip.. look in the tutorial the last page I answered there. You have to play a bit trial and err.

    wish you luck.


    FlashCat naaaah hero come on..

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