from the makers of djnights!
announcing underground a multiplayer breakdancing game!

up to 6 players.
check the tutorial.
pick up your moves and perform
with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

there are tons of features (and a few bugs left).
you can download and install a package
and we will then load the multimedia content
from your hard drive for your character.

if you perform at the same station as someone else
you get a "challenge" notice
and you then compete against the other :)

there are two subway maps: new york and montreal.
i definitely recommend montreal (20 stations).
new york (50 stations) is just too huge a map
(unless you play it 3vs.3 with teams :)

you can play conquest or fame mode.
there is also a team mode.

it's all flash 4 baby :) ol'school style..
didn't feel like messing with the socket..
3d moves made with 3dstudio and vecta3d.

please post comments and questions.
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