HOWDY people,

Im still on a vacantion so Ill be short..

Guys keep in mind that each game in unique and thats the beauty of it. The tutorials which I posted are just tutorials not a game engine. They only show how to approach a problem, how to solve it eventually, but different games have different problems and different situations. Gambini asked why when you replace the ball with something else the instance drops tru..there are plenty of reasons for it. 1) the size is changed so all calculations using a fixed size will change as well and wont work..The ball moves up and down on top of the platfrom jurky kind of..the platfrom just displaces the ball too high. Keep in mind that whatever the platfrom do it should be wraped in hitTest() option else all platfroms will return vallues and variables back to the hero..Here is some guidelines for a platfrom games:

1) the gravity which pulls the hero down is alwais ON.
2) the platfroms have a hitTest() to indicate that the hero is ontop of that particular platform. move the hero up so it still makes a hitTest() but at the same time it looks cool on top of the platfrom, no gaps or sinking.
3) gravity is off when jumping.

Basically all things go the same way in the real life.

Ok guys, the sun is strong and ocean is cool.. see ya next week..