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Thread: How do I make a flash movie on a flash movie

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    I see some sites where people have a flash movie and when I click a button, it opens a new movie on top of the other movie in the same browser window.

    I thought to using Load/Unload movie, but that didn't seem to help me that much.

    Thank you for your help

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    Good question, the guys at flashkit just helped me last night with this exact question. Here's how to do it:

    -Create a movie clip, within the scene your working with
    -Name the movie clip 'test'
    -In that movie clip give the first keyframe a stop action only.
    -In the second frame (and onwards) have your animation that you want to have appear when the user clicks a button.
    -put a stop command in the last frame of your 'test' movie clip


    -Return to your scene and drag the movie clip you just created to where you want it to appear when the user clicks whatever button you want.
    -double click on the movie clip you just dragged onto the stage, give it an instance name of 'testpop'
    -now go to your button, and give it the following action

    On (Release)
    Begin Tell Target ("/testpop")
    Go to and Play (2)
    End Tell Target
    End On

    That should work for you.

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    Thank you

    Thank you very much

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