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Thread: Mailto: popping up and don't want it to

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    Hey dudes,

    Ok I have a button with the following command attached on Press.

    On (Press)
    Get URL ("mailto:brook.harker@dsw.com")
    End On

    However when I click on the button it opens a new window and in the URL spcae it says "mailto:brook.harker@dsw.com" and says page can't be found. I don't want a new window. In the section "window" in Flash I left it blank and variables are set to "don't send."

    The button triggers my email program great...it just creates a new window and I don't want that. Shoudl I use something else besides "Get URL..mailto:brook.harker@dsw.com"


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    Well, there is another way, but it involves using cgi. It's really easy 2 setup up, and I can also provide u with a free cgi server with no banners if u want.
    For an example of what I'm talking about go check out my website, specifically the comments/complaints section!

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    window: _self
    varibles: send using get

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