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Thread: Easy Duplicate Movie Question

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    Hello, i want to duplicate a movie clip, but i cant seam to get it to work. I know it is simple, but if you could just show me how to do i t i would realy appretiate it, thank you VERY much.

    The movie i wish to DUP is on the main timeline and is called "mark". Thank you so much :P

    Elyxia Elvinbright

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    on (press, keyPress "<Space>") {
        duplicateMovieClip (_root.man, "man"+ shotname, shotname);
        setProperty ("man" + name, _x, _root.man._x);
        setProperty ("man" + name, _y, _root.man._y);
        if (j>=1000) {
            j = 1;
        name = name+1;
        if (name>=100) {
            name = 1;
    this will dupe a "man" movie and put it where the old one is. this is only works with moving items, or you wont be able to see the duped movie. this is a flash 4 script, bit when i converted it to 5 it didnt work so lets jst leave it

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