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Thread: Listen up actionscripters

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    This thread is a follow up to Cipherus´s who didn´t get an answer.

    "I have a page where there three different movies that i am target loading in seperate area's. What i was wondering is how to give one movie loading priority over another, as in it loads in first, then the second one comes second, then the third. Thanks for any help in advance.

    I´ve been trying a bunch of things to get this to work.
    You could put elements from the three movies in the main timeline to reduce tthe loading time but this seems and feels unprofessional. So there must be a way... I think we all could benefit from this =) in the future when websites will load quicker =)

    Regards/ coldstudio

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    I would just put the loadmovie action for each one in seporate frames on your timeline. Maybe one after the other and so on.

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