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Thread: Get involved. PROJECT ANIMAL CLAN

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    Ok i makeing a new flash site and i ran into a problem i dont think it is that big of a problem and i am pretty sure it is an easy fix. what i have done is made a button inside a movie clip. and when i put my mouse on the button i want something to pop up at the bottom explaing the button. and when you clck it i want it to go to frame 3.i know how to do both these things but when i put them togethor it dose not seem to work. i know this is hard to understand so pls go to this site i put up to explain it better http://www.geocities.com/imperial_wizards/myprob.html

    pls allow the flash a min to load cause i did not put a preloader

    thank you so much for all your help.

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    If you want to target the _root from a movie clip put a label on the frame and use;



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    At the end of your news and main buttons there is not script telling the playhead to go back to frame 1 so this needs to be added otherwise the playhead goes passed the end of the object in the timeline and in effect the mouse rolls off the News button therefore resetting the rollover.

    The script you need to add is this:-

    gotoAndPlay (1);

    the problem you now have is that when you rollout of the news button the news graphic disappears. To solve this I suggest you make this an external SWF and load it in when needed.

    Hope this helps


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