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Thread: fast forward button

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    Trying to make video controls for flash mc.

    They control the timeline of an mc on a higher level using - goto and play current frame +8.

    They work fine except rather than stopping at the end of the mc timeline it skips back to the beginning of the sequence. Have tried various ways of rectifying this (ie setting variable for _totalframes of target level and trying to make fast forward not excede this number), none of which work.

    any ideas? shouldn't be that difficult but I just can't make it work.

    thanks in advance

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    You could compare against the totalframes of your mc
    before doing each fastforward:

    frametoplay = mc._currentframe + 8;

    if(frametoplay > mc._totalframes)

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    good idea

    thanks for your suggestion but I've solved the problem. _totalframes gives number of frames for all scenes, not just main timeline I was trying to control. Once I had compensated for this it worked.

    I will try your suggested code for future reference.

    will upload code to movies section under name "video style controls" for anyone interested.

    thanks again


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