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Thread: how do you inport & editing *.swf in to flash

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    Hi all you cool gurou flasher types!! CAN YOU HELP!!

    I just had a major brown out with my system and had to replace the hard drive, witch means yes you guest it. I lost all my source files for my web sight which I was about to relaunch.

    BUT i have the (unprotected) *.swf files on a zip disk but i can load them in to Flash4 but thay load in to the band with profiler. How do I get flash to edit them

    even if i can only salvage the graphics it will save me from starting from scratch.

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    the only thing that you can do.. i think.. is make a new flash file... create a new movie instance and import yer swf wile you are editing yer movie instance... but i dont think you can modify it as much as if it were yer original movie.... i suggest you start over... thats the sad reality :/

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