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Thread: People say my revamped site is innovative! COME SEE WHY!!! :)

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    I have revamped a FLASH website for eigoMANGA.com and I would greatly appreciate your critiques and opinions on what 's good and what's bad about the site. Web traffic has reached unprecented levels within two hours after being updated.

    Thanks alot

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    The site looks alright. The menu bar thing's animation isnt real great, doesnt connect correctly.

    I dont know if it is just me, but those type of menu bars are truly annoying IMO. And seems like they are being quite overused as well.

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    Thanks for the critiques. The sliding menu bar is a common problem for just about everyone. I'll make it static.


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    shouldn't you post this in site check rather than cool sites?

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    Your thread...

    I don't mean to be presumptuous...I'm only a peon myself...but may I make a suggestion? When posting to the forum it is easier for people to get to your site if you put the link in your thread...I had to copy and paste the url into my browser's address drop down bar to get there. Also, you should post it in the Site Check forum. Cool Sites is customarily used for referrals to other's sites.

    I liked your graphics though once I got there.

    Thanks...bty...good job on the show.

    --Lou anne
    [Edited by lcavin on 08-11-2000 at 09:26 PM]

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    Re: Your thread...

    Originally posted by lcavin
    Also, you should post it in the Site Check forum. Cool Sites is customarily used for referrals to other's sites.

    --Lou anne
    [Edited by lcavin on 08-11-2000 at 09:26 PM]
    "Designed a cool site? Found a cool site? Share it here for viewing and discussion." If he has designed what he feels is a cool site, not to mention that he is from the Survivior TV show, I think it is perfectly acceptable for him to post in here.


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    I AM at the ight place

    I do think my site is a cool site and I am making refererence to my site. What's wrong with asking for opinions about it?


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    I do believe that this section is for people who found/designed what they think is a cool site. However, Richard, birthday suit or not, has been at both "cool sites" and "site check" sections, looking for criticisms.

    I come here to see solid or almost complete sites that have the potential to blow me away. However, people come in here looking for suggestions from others and I waste my time looking at average sites that really aren't that "cool."

    I wish people had the ability to distinguish if their site was actually cool or not. And if they decide that it's cool, then go ahead a post here, that's great. But, the unexperienced designer should stick in the site check section until their skills have grown.

    Richard, this is not targeted directly at you concerning your site posting. I havn't even seen your site so I don't know if it's good or what. I'm just simply complaining about people posting in this area when they should be in site checking.

    Thanks for listening.


    P.S.- How come Richard is the only one who hasn't lost any weight during the show??

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    Re: Re: Your thread...

    Okay, well I concede on that point it is acceptable but maybe not so politically correct. I wouldn't do it unless my site looked like balthaser's;because of the level of professionalism generally displayed in this forum. just my humble opinion, and well; he did ask for our opinions when he posted here.


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    Site Check>>

    One thing you should keep in mind is that most people do not yet have access to DSL or cable, and are running on 56K or less. The splash screen when tested on a 56K modem took too long to access.

    The Flash site needs some sort of Preloader letting the user know how much more they need to load. (ie. Loading 35% of 712K file).

    Keep your audience in mind. If you are focusing on businesses with T1 connections, no problems about file sizes, but if you want the average joe to consider looking at your site, you will need to make the appropriate modifications.

    Remember, you have 5 seconds or less to grasp the attention of your audience before they will move on to another site.

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    Smile Thanks for the advice guys :)

    Thanks alot, guys, all of you. Thank you guys for steering me and my flashsite in the right direction. If it weren't for you guys, eigoMANGA.com would he a disaster!

    You guys came through when my own friends failed; you guys were not afraid to tell me my site wasn't the greatest out there and that it needed work. For that, I'm forever greateful.

    eigoMANGA.com is along way from being perfect, so please take a look at the latested revamped version of my website and tell me how I can improve on it.

    Thanks alot guy... I really mean it

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    go and get me some fish.

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    under your online mangas section, some of the buttons need hit areas. Right now, they're just "hot" over the text itself.

    Also, I would re-create your logo in vector, it's looking a bit pixelated, and you could get a quite similar effect with vectors (ie. embossed with drop shadow).

    I, too, would like to see a change in the coolsites board. I would like to see it just for completed, really hot sites. There's a whole other forum called site check for goodness sakes. Do we really need to cross post and put 2 links to our experimental and up and coming sites?

    Just my thoughts,

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    an idea for the moderators:

    the cool sites subsection is under the main heading of reviews. maybe this is why people with unfinished and not extremely amazing sites are posting here. cool sites maybe shouldn't be under reviews, because we aren't reviewing them...we are just looking for sites that dont need reviewing cuz they're already good.

    also, i dont think someone should be able to post their site as cool just because they are on a tv series. hey they may be famous, but who says they have a cool site.
    personally, i dont think the site is cool in terms of flash.
    it loads long, and the bottom links are kinda jumpy.

    best of luck though...
    btw, rich, are you just pulling our leg, or are you actually from survivor? just interested. (now we dont want none of your nasty alliances here who kick of pretty blonds to suit their own purposes, lol )

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    looks all right. you should make the entrance to the site a little more obvious.

    the menu bar wasn't that obvious. maybe when you mouse-over 'community' or whatever, a box should drop down and expand with the links and info in it.

    the links on the main site... why does the one on the left have a thicker yellow line around it? the text links below the three pictures need an alpha=0/invisible box behind them so when you click between the letters, it still goes to the next site.

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