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Thread: Preloading swf

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    How do I preload a swf.
    I'm not that good in actionscripting but I know it involves loading swf in to location of a movie clip.
    I'm so confused.

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    Actually it doesnt involve loading swf into location...much simplier. First create a new scene and move it ahead of everything...if you click on windows > inspectors > scene you can rearrange all of your scenes. Now put 2 keyframes on the first layer of your new scene. In the first keyframe put these actions:

    If Frame Is Loaded (_totalframes)
    Go to Next Scene
    End Frame Loaded

    That checks if the last frame of your entire movie is loaded (_totalframes is the count of ALL your frames...scenes and everything). If that frame is loaded then you know your entire movie is loaded so you go to the next scene...if it isnt Flash will just go to the next frame. The in the next frame put this action:

    Go To and Play (1)

    Then after that create a new layer and put some kind of animation or whatever you want to show up while its loading INSIDE a movie clip and put that movie clip on the new layer.

    If that didnt help you then there are tutorials all over the place (including here) that cover this area...Hope it helps.

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