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Thread: Does anyone else experience Flash problems!!

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    Hi, I've been developing a game which consists of several scenes. and my program works fine sometimes, get other times it goes weird.

    The code is right and nothing has changed. I was just wondering if using several scenes causes hassles and causes flash to go wild. - is flash unstable? or is it just a memory thing


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    Nope! Haven't had any MC go weird after getting the code
    correct. Only been using flash for six months though.
    And haven't seen everything.


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    Come on, be a true beta tester...

    Well I don't think you can blame this one on Flash (probably). Sometimes it's ideosyncratic and acts differently than it should but I've never known it to fail irregularly.

    Break down your game. Find out what causes the error. Is it only when going from one specific scene to another, or vice versa? Is it only after one specific scene has played?

    There is a system to the madness. Finding it is the annoying and rewarding part.

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