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Thread: form field size differences...

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    Does anyone know why form field sizes are way different in Net6? (they appear much larger in N6 than ie.) Is there a way to make them appear closer to the size that is rendered in IE? tried with css and still has no affect...


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    I'm moving this to General Help.
    Before I do, though, I'll tell you how to fix the problem (as best as it CAN be fixed, that is).
    Add an inline style to each of your form text field tags that reads, style="font-family:Courier,monospace".
    A text field tag would look like:
    <input type="text" name="title" size="36" style="font-family:Courier,monospace">
    This seems to be most effective with single line fields and has less effect on multi line fields. It willl make the fields both appear larger (like netscape) but at least they will be the same size in each browser.

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