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Thread: A delay before next movie clip ??

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    I am looking to use actionscript to create a delay of 1 min before the movie goes to the next frame. Can anyone give me any ideas?


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    Perhaps like this (if it doesn't depend on a second):
    (but you have to use two frames!!)

    script in first frame:

    if (n==0) {
    gotoAndPlay (the frame you want to jump to);
    } else {
    n -=1;

    in the next frame you just have to

    gotoAndPlay (the frame number with the "if");

    n has to be calculated and set some frames before like

    n = framespersecondofyourmovie * 30
    (just calculate it in your head and write n = 600; for example)

    that's it, good luck!

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