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Thread: sliding a movie?

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    Im new to this concept in flash, I am always trying to learn more, and hoefully someone can help or point me to a tutorial.

    Simple scenrio I need help is:

    Movie is 200 x 200 pixels.
    I have a M.Clip 500x100 placed on stage
    I want the mouse movement of left to right to slide the M.Clip back and forth (left to right to the edges of the Clip)

    What commands/actions do I set to do this, the mouse should not be clicked, just the movement of the mouse changes the positon of the M Clip

    Once I can do this, my movie will be a full fledge menu and button etc..for now to learn its a simple box

    Please help....

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    Yeah! What HE said! LOL

    I actually posted nearly the exact same question on another board. So far, I've had no luck in getting an answer. Maybe you'll be luckier than I!

    The Swan

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    Hy Moysh.. I suggest you to take a look to the open movies section.. if I understand what you're looking for..

    There's a lot of open movies about scrolling and dragging..

    hope this could be a little help..
    Check out the tutorial section too ( I suggest efficient scrolling and.. take a look at
    panoramic 360 pictures/QTvr tuts and movies)


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