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Thread: load movie positioning

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    I am using the load movie script to call smaller movie than original move. Is there a way for me to position the movie other than the top-left corner using script.
    Any help is appreciated

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    Probably the easiest way to manipulate the loaded movie size and position is to load into an empty movie clip.

    Create a box same color as your background. Convert it to a movieclip symbol.
    Open instance panel and give the instance of this empty movie clip a name like "holder".
    Next do loadmovie:


    Now just put an onclipevent on your holder instance:
    this._x = 200;
    this._y = 200;
    this._width = 500;

    (and so on)

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    You have three choices:
    1. you can load it into a movie clip which will resize and position it.
    2. you can load it on top, then after its loaded use set property to move it down and right
    3. In your main movie, make a new layer all the way up top. Build the file that you will later load right here. Position everything exactly where you want it. Use "copy frames" to copy your work on this new layer. make a new movie and then use "paste frames". Go back to the main movie and erase the top layer, which was used for lining up those pieces. This won't increase file size.
    Hope this helps, frank

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    thanks for trying

    Let me elaborate on my problem. I have a large animated flag in the background. This takes up the whole stage.
    I converted an AVI to SWF using the Flix program.
    I want the converted avi to play centered on the flag animation in the background.

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