i want to stop or end a variable. I have an input box (name) I have it save the variable to a txt file. I want to be able to pull up that variable again from the txt file. I noticed that it loads the variable from the name as well as the txt file. So i dont want it to read the name variable in the movie just the .txt file.
Any help would be apriciated.
I have:
frame 1: input box (input)
button: on (release) {
fscommand ("save", "c:/new folder/Amex/new folder/cool.txt");
Then I have another button to load the txt back to a dynamic txt box(output)on (press){
Frame 15: load loadVariablesNum ("./cool.txt", 0);
Frame 16: if (text ne"")gotoAndPlay(19);
Frame 17: gotoAndPlay(16);
Frame 18: output=input; This is the problem I want the output to come from the txt file not the movie. How can I end that variable. I thought in the {} made it local. Does local mean that its anywhere in the timeline on the main stage?