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Thread: Layers and duplicateMovieClip();

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    I'm using duplicateMovieClip() to draw a few things through ActionScript.
    I have a frame that should be around of the thing that I'm drawing. Currently the movies are on top of this Frame, but they should stay behind it.

    How do I realize that?


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    oké let me explain a bit:
    when you duplicate a mc, you have to give it a depth. so if the depth of a mc is higher than another, it will be on top of this other mc.

    now when you duplicate mc and give it a depth, it will always be on top not duplicated movies.

    so how to solve your problem? make a mc of what you want to place on top, duplicate this mc and give it a depth that is higher than the other mc's.


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    I'll try use that.

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