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Thread: someone help with duplicate movie clips

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    HI i have 2 swf's,

    one where i create duplicate movie clips on click of a button, then i have another swf which is loaded on click of another button in the first swf, now the problem is that everytime i create say 10 duplicate clips, and when i click the button to load the next swf, the 10 clips are carried over to the next swf also, though they are not visible, it is clear that they have come there, since those movie clips are draggable.

    Please let me know how to avoid or delete multiple movie clips

    thanks in advance

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    Have you tried creating your duplicate movie clips on different levels from your main swf?

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    don't really understand everything you say, but I can still tell you how to delete multiple mc's.

    you've created them using a script like this one.
    for (i=1,i<=10;i++) {

    so you can delete them by using
    for (i=1,i<=10,i++) {

    just replace myMovieClip with the real mc's name.


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