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Thread: Need help targeting MC path

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    I am working on a site that has a scrollbar movie clip named "Scrollbar". This MC is within another MC (MC-2) then MC-2 is within another MC (MC-1) which is on the main stage. I have a text bax (Text) which is located in MC-1 that I want to control with my "Scrollbar" MC. Can anyone helpme with the proper actionscript and path to target "Scrollbar" and make it scroll the text in (Text)? I know I'm a bit confused with this, so I apologize if all of these MC's within MC's are too confuseing to understand what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance far any help.


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    from scrollbar you can use either a relative path such as:

    _parent._parent.text = your variable;

    or an absolute path like:

    _root.MC-1.text = your variable;

    I'm not sure exactly how you're scripting this, but these paths should help you target what you need.

    Hope this helps,

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