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Thread: button instance

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    Whenever I use button, and need to set its property (visibility etc) with action script, i always have to put the button to a movie clip, and then named the movieclip intance. by that way i can do action to that button such as : setProperty(clipThatContainButton,_visible,0)
    or clipThatContainButton._visible = 0

    Question : can I target the button without having to place it into a movieclip ? what is the "Track As A button" option for ? it is in the button instance (right click button > intance > option)

    thank you.

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    'Track as Menu Item' is used best when creating Pop-Up Menus. And Track as Button is used best with Single Buttons.

    As to your question, I dont know anyother way other than that. and Yes it is kinda of a pain..

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