I have several Buttons on a navagation bar. I created a corresponding movie for each button. I have two frames In each movie.(lets call this movie clip Moviexxx) The First frame is just a still frame Of the begining of the movie. The second frame Has another movie clip embedding into it Called (load) Now both of these two frames have a stop action on them. the (load) movie clip is the actual movie that will play When The corresponding button is pressed. The way I have this setup is- The action On the button is( On press Tell target (moviexxx) go to and play frame 2) Now the movie loads fine and I also have a (stop) action on the end of the movie clip so It will stay open because there are button in it. NOW, here is the question!! =)How can I have the First movie clip Close (disappear from the screen) When the user Presses The second Button Which will Load the next movie clip on the screen.
THANKS IN ADVANCE, I know this is a hard one =)