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Thread: 3d beyond wireframe

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    Has anyone heard anything about 3D through actionsript that goes beyond wireframe (ie full colors, stretching and squashing, putting things in perspective)

    What I'm looking to do is make a box move in 3D, but the sides of the box are filled in, it's not wireframe. Not necessarily a texture as in a jpeg or something, but just a solid object that is adjustable and turnable according to imput.

    But hey, if anyone's found a way to map jpegs onto a 3d cube, I'd love to hear about it....

    I was looking for any code in the RPG 3D thread... couldn't really find any actionscript stuff..... maybe I'm blind.

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    There's some really cool stuff here related to filled 3D objects:


    Unfortunately, there's no source code to look at.

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