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Thread: locking registration point on draggable movie clip

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    I need some quick advice on what is probably a simple thing. Basically, I need to set up a draggable movie clip that will pivot/rotate at the registration point and not follow the pointer all over the screen. Imagine creating a clock face and wanting to set up the movie so you can set the time by clicking and dragging the hand. I don't want the clock hand to follow the pointer off the clock face after pressing it. How do I do this?

    Your help is very appreciated.


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    you would need to work out the angle from the point of origin (the clock hand) to the mouse pointer. To do this, you'd need to work out the cos and sin of the angle (remember the laws of trigonomotrey). To do this, have a look at thhe flash-maths on were-here

    good luck. oh, and moving this to flash 5 actionscript for more help

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