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Thread: Help with forms

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    Hello. Can anyone help me incorporate a form into a flash movie, with the fields validated and sent to my e-mail? I have one in Javascript that does this, but I want one in Flash. Any help on this subject would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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    flash form email

    I'm currently trying to get email to work from flash via the mailto URL. I can't format the body of the message very well. I want to have simple fields that the recipient can complete then mail back. such as Name: Position: Company: etc but on seperate lines. So far no joy. As far as forms from flash go I have a prog called SWF Studio from http://www.northcode.com that has a SMTP mail client built in and you can use dynamic text fields to send an email from a form. Its only for projectors though... I wonder if I could get my mailto URL to work with a flash form instead to format the body of the email?? hmm I'll have to start trying that next.

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    I'm sure there is an easy solution. In the Flash 5 Actionscript manual there is a walkthrough for a search form, but no e-mail form. I am going to look at it tonight, I don't have the time just now.

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    It's quite easy to set up input text fields that send to a mailto on a button release, its the format of the stuff it sends that is bugging me!

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    I used the CGI script from the Idiots guide...HTML book. Do you think I could use that to format the data? Validation is also needed. Like, if I press submit, a field is not filled in, an alert pops up. Any ideas?

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    Hi there,

    I think NETbreed has got what you want - just pay a visit to scripting & backend forum and follow the link from his footer
    The actual form will be in flash, so no mail client is involved (unlike a half-filled mail body, you can use this approach at an internet cafe)


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    Thanks, Musicman.

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