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Thread: Help Neede Immediately

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    hi can you please download this file its just 4 kb

    http://www.kirloskar-multimedia.com/Unzip.zip and once you have done this, export both the fla's inside from flash, now if you run Get.swf the drag and drop works fine, but once i load it from another movie i.e first.swf then the drag and drop doesnt work, help, why is this happening.

    thanks in advance

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    Drag and drop

    I downloaded ur flas. Ran them both and had no problem with either one! What exactly is supposed to be wrong? The drag and drop worked fine.


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    Re: Drag and drop

    The _dropTarget return "absolute" path; so, once your movie load in _level1, the absolute path changed.

    Original code:

    x = getProperty("/B", _droptarget);
    if (x eq "/B1") {.....}

    Change the next line as:

    if (eval(x)==_parent.B1)

    Sorry, I am not familar with Flash 4 tagetting path method.

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