this is a javascript i use in html frequently for my site. right now, i am trying to use it in the action script window for a flash movie i am creating

javascript:top.viewer.videoplayer.javaPlug1.DoPlay Pause();
javascript:top.viewer.videoplayer.document.javaPlu g1.DoPlayPause();

i can put one of the statements in my flash movie and it will work fine with IE. Netscape, however, wigs out by refreshing the whole window and placing the word "true" in the upper left hand corner. i cant seem to get the whole script (both statments) to work in actionscript and have both browsers be happy. (the script works fine in html.)

so i dont think im doing this right,(understatment) and im wondering if anyone knows how to transplant this normally html-bound code in to the flash actionscript window and have it behave like a good little code.