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Thread: Function --> Motion Blur

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    Hi there!

    A couple of days ago I got the "prototype motionblur" code... (which I found at the were-here forum).

    What I want:
    use the code to add motion-blur to 64 seperate movies...so the "mouse-function" in the code is not necessary for my purposes...

    You can download the .fla I've been playin' with at:

    I know there is still a "drag-function" I have to get rid of... And the code can't handle multiple movies...(it now blurs one MC).

    Is there any ActionScript specialist out-there (maybe the author of the code) who can show me the light or at least give some comment I can work with???

    A little help would be appreciated!!!

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    In terms of using it with several different movie clips, you could just put the entire movie inside a movie clip. Then, you can use duplicateMovie to make copies of that clip, change it's position, etc. Each of those clips should then have that blur effect. If you want to blur different objects, you could still use the one movie clip, but create multiple frames which contain different objects, and as you duplicate the movie clips, just send each successive clip to a different frame.

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