I have tried to explain as simply as i can!!

I am trying to create a "shopping basket" effect. I have a movieclip object - "mcdrag" that i am dragging to my target shopping basket movieclip called "mctargetarea". I have set a dynamic text field on the main timeline to increase by a price of 1.25 if the mcdrag is dragged and dropped over the shopping basket. The variable in this textfield is called "total". The following is the code placed in an invisible button on the movieclip "mcdrag" i use to drag the "mcdrag" movieclip so that

-(i) I can detect if a user drops the item into the shopping basket, with "_droptarget". In this event, i have set the visibility of the movieclip to "false" to give the impression that the user has placed the item into his / her basket.
-(ii) The movieclip "mcdrag" moves back to it's starting position if released outside of the target area.
-(iii) the total increases by the increment 1.25.

//code starts here
on (press) {
startDrag ("");
on (release, releaseOutside) {
stopDrag ();
if (eval(_root.mcdrag._droptarget) == _root.mctargetarea) {
_root.mcdrag._visible = false;
_root.total = _root.total+1.25;
} else if (eval(_root.mcdrag._droptarget)<>_root.mctargetare a) {
setProperty ("_root.mcdrag", _x, 136);
setProperty ("_root.mcdrag", _y, 136);

//code ends here

This works fine but i cannot get the movieclip "mcdrag" to then recreate itself in it's original position once it has been droped onto the mctargetarea and has disappeared from the screen.

I have tried duplicating the movieclip again but cannot get the functionality to simply recreate the first drag and drop and keep a running total.

Hope this is clear

Please help!!!!!!1