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Thread: changing the main scene variable...... from inside a movieclip button

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    i have this button inside a movieclip.The movie clip is placed on the main scene where i have set a variable called counter..... all i want is that every time the user clicks the button the variable counter should increase by one. (there is some reason why i cant place the button on thw main scene)
    ....but the simple command of....
    "counter" = counter + 1
    ......for the button doesn't work.
    There must be a specific way of guiding its way to the main scene variable. I am not aware of that.... please help!

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    You could try using the Tell Target:

    Tell Target ("_level0")
    Set Variable "counter" = counter + 1
    End Tell Target

    .._level0 is the maintimeline level, or I think you can target a variable on the maintime line by using */:* but I'm 100% sure about that.

    See ya

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    Generally speaking you have to use tell target only when you want to control a timeline. Try This...
    Set Variable "/:counter" = /:counter + 1
    or if you must want to use levels (which in the described scenario is not necessary) try this...
    Set Variable "_level0/:counter" = _level0/:counter + 1
    Hope it helps.

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