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Thread: using one button symobl to show different text at different instances

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    I'm designing a timeline similar to the one found here:
    only I have a lot more instance of the markers along the timeline. I want to use the same button symbol for all the
    markers and change the text in a pop up info-box that shows up for each one depending upon where you are along the time line.

    I'm not very experienced with actionscript, but I figure there's got to be an easy way just based upon the screen pointer position or something like that.

    The data is fixed for each marker and doesn't have to change.


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    if your popup is a MC and has a text box called text, you would place
    popup.text = 'text1'
    in one frame and
    popu.text = 'text2'
    in another frame

    Is it what you are looking for?


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