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Thread: Black Bars on Windows IE

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    I’m having a problem with my Flash movie in windows. It doesn’t appear to be filling the screen. Two black vertical bars are on either side of it. This only happens on Windows IE. IE on the Mac looks the way it’s suppose to. I did do a publish out of flash that tells it to scale to 100%, unless of course, somewhere along the way I deleted some code in the doormat page.

    Here is the problem: not the black bars.

    Here is the doormat page, click the enter button and, if you’re on a Win machine you’ll see the problem that happens.

    Basically, it appears that the flash movie isn't scaling to the window size I think.

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    Remember there are two ways to scale: 1) preserve the original aspect ratio (length divided by width), which will result in some unused space if the the aspect ratio of the window isn't quite the same; and 2) scale the horizontal and vertical of the movie separately, so that it fills the window (usually resulting in at least a little distortion). Generally people use the first method to avoid distortion.

    So what fills in that unused space that appears either on the sides or on the top and bottom of a movie?

    A background colour. In your case, it's black:
    <BODY bgcolor="#000000" background="checker.jpg">

    I suspect if you play with the window size on your Mac, and try some really weird aspect ratios (make IE tall and skinny, then long and short) you'll get the problem there, too. If you use a background image as a tile, there's nothing you can do to avoid these bars (except hope that everyone's browser window is just the right shape!).

    But there is a semi-solution: put the OBJECT and EMBED tags inside a table that's just the right size. Take a look at a page of mine, http://www.blackflydesign.com/imagesandimpressions , to see what I mean (copy the code if you like -- it's not very original). Now the way I did it, I keep my Flash movie at an absolute size; whether you could scale your table in HTML to be a percentage of the window, and whether scaling your movie inside the table worked without producing bars, I don't know, but it's worth a try. If you do, I'd appreciate hearing your results.

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    Thanks A LOT for your help. I'm going to try our your ideas. I also want to look around more at your site ;-)

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